About Us: Licensed Ontario Insurance Brokers

Insurance Leadership Developed Over Time

A general insurance brokerage is not built overnight and EGM is no exception. It’s taken three generations to establish our network of relationships with both traditional and up-and-coming insurance providers in Canada. These relationships have been developed through a high level of professionalism and strict adherence to the ethical codes of conduct required of all licensed insurance brokers.

This level of experience allows us to not just service your needs — but to also anticipate emerging issues as your life evolves — including career, family and assets.

We are truly your life-long partners in protection.

Your Best Insurance is with an Independent Insurance Broker

At EGM our brokers are all highly trained professionals who shop insurance companies to find the policy that best suits your needs. Then, if and when the need arises, your EGM Broker is there to advocate and negotiate on your behalf as you file a claim.

* A BROKER is an expert working on your behalf, offering one-on-one advice and support based on your individual needs.
An agent works for the insurance company.

* A BROKER negotiates and advocates for your rights, ensuring personal service and value for money.
An agent represents the rights of the insurer.

* A BROKER shops various providers on your behalf to offer you a choice of insurers and insurance products.
An agent is able to offer only one insurer’s product.

* A BROKER must obtain training annually to maintain a license and provide you with qualified, knowledgeable advice.
An agent is not required to take continuing education.

* A BROKER has access to a number of regulatory bodies that protect your rights as a consumer.
An agent has access to only one regulator, generally to exercise its corporate rights.

* A BROKER works closely with you, and advocates on your behalf during the unfortunate occurrence of a claim.
An agent works on the insurer’s behalf to solve a claim – there is no intermediary working for you.