Our team at EGM Insurance is committed to providing clients with full insurance coverage. We analyze the insurance marketplace and ensure we provide access to the best available products from the leading insurance companies in the industry. As part of this process, we’ve built a team of forward-thinking insurance professionals. We’re now adding to our team and actively seeking insurance experts who can build upon the exceptional reputation EGM has achieved within the Canadian insurance field.

Why choose Careers Opportunities at EGM Insurance?

Our experience within the Canadian insurance industry is unparalleled. We have a 70+ year history of responding to business owners, vehicle owners, and families with precise solutions to their coverage needs. Our success in the industry has been based on the following cornerstones:


Our team works with integrity to help clients pinpoint quality insurance products from the leading companies within the national and global marketplace. This approach means our clients can always trust us when they need quick access to a product in response to an emerging issue. It also means we’re trusted for prudent, qualified and independent guidance.


Our expertise within the insurance industry is second-to-none. We’re continually researching the marketplace to find the best available products to offer to our clients. This process allows us to offer our clients the newest and best available products to respond to their unique coverage requirements. Each product we offer has been carefully analyzed to ensure its coverage value.

Continuing Education

Learning is an important element of the work at EGM Insurance. For our insurance jobs, we require candidates that are well-versed in the insurance marketplace, and understand the marketplace is developing on a day-to-day basis. New requirements are arising as the economy evolves and new insurance products are being built in response. At EGM Insurance, we invest in our team. We work to provide team members with the resources to continue their education and learn more about the industry, so they can better serve our clients.

What are the qualification requirements for brokers at EGM Insurance?

We prefer to speak with candidates who have a RIBO license. However, if you are not a licensed broker, and you have strong experience dealing with the public and in creating solutions, we would be interested in speaking to you about careers in insurance with EGM.

Additional qualifications we are looking for include:

    • An exceptionally strong customer focus
    • Post-secondary education preferred
    • Strong computer skills with insurance industry related skills as an asset
    • Excellent multi-tasking abilities
    • Experience in administrative processes (ie: professional business correspondence, phone demeanour, prompt return of messages, appropriate paperwork filing and meeting deadlines)
    • A demonstrated interest in job related learning and continuous professional development
    • Exemplary organizational and time management skills

We look forward to working with qualified candidates! Please use the following information to submit your resume for consideration at EGM Insurance:

Contact Information:

Cindy Gale, CFO/Service Manager

EGM Insurance

270 Lake Street

Pembroke, Ontario

K8A 7Y9