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Each month EGM Insurance publishes an e-newsletter with informative content regarding coverage for your home and business. It’s a concise email featuring quick tips and advice on how Team EGM can help you save money while protecting what’s important to you.

Protect everything you hold dear with an umbrella policy.

EGM E-News – February 2018>>

Umbrella insurance is a single policy that covers most aspects of your financial life – just like an umbrella covers every part of your body in a rainstorm.

Will your Life Insurance Fully Protect Your Loved Ones?

EGM E-News – January 2018>>

Life insurance can help pay off the mortgage and other debts, supplement lost income and cover your final expenses.

Be A Smart Host this Holiday Season

EGM E-News – November 2017>>

When you serve alcohol to family and friends in your home you can be held liable if anyone gets hurt or property gets damaged

Your Vacant Home or Property Is Vulnerable — Make Sure It’s Protected

EGM E-News – October 2017>>

If you leave your home or rural property unoccupied with no intent to return, it’s defined as VACANT. Make sure it remains insured!

Save On Insurance While Your Student is Living and Learning Away From Home

EGM E-News – September 2017>>

Are you supporting a child who’s away studying at trade school, college or university? If so ask us how EGM can help reduce your insurance costs by leveraging your household policies.

Our Military Group Insurance Plan Protects Active and Veteran Personnel and Their Families

EGM E-News – August 2017>>

EGM’s exclusive military group insurance plans protects Canadian Forces families across Ontario. Bundle and save!

Auto Accident Benefits — Do You Have Enough Coverage?

EGM E-News – July 2017>>

Accident benefits coverage decreased in 2016. Have you increased your limits to protect your lifestye?

Planning Home Renovations? Make Sure You’re Protected From Financial Risk

EGM E-News – June 2017>>

Once a contractor starts work on your home, it becomes a construction site. We can ensure that you’re properly covered!

Don’t Let Summer Slip By — Safeguard Your Boat This Summer!

EGM E-News – May 2017>>
EGM boat packages will save you money and get you back on the water as quickly as possible.

Up to 25% Off Home and Auto Insurance for PRH Staff and Physicians

EGM E-News – April 2017>>
EGM offers and exclusive PRH group plan for hospital staff and physicians, and their spouses and dependents..

Military Group Insurance Means Savings for Active & Veteran Personnel and Their Families

EGM E-News – March 2017>>

We offer easy-to-understand, flexible and integrated insurance for you, your spouse and dependents.

Workplace Group Insurance Means You Can Save on Insurance and Plan for Retirement

EGM E-News – February 2017>>

EGM offers exclusive coverage and benefit plans to members of various worplace groups.

Bundle and Save to Earn Multi-Policy Discounts and a Single Deductible

EGM E-News – January 2017>>

If it’s a good fit for your profile, a Bundle & Save plan can save you money on your premiums and when you file a multi-policy claim.

5 Tips for Serving Alcohol at Your Home Party

EGM E-News – December 2016>>

When you serve alcohol in your home you can be held liable if anyone gets hurt or property gets damaged.

EGM Military Group Plan for Active & Veteran Personnel

EGM E-News – November 2016>>

Our exclusive Military Group Insurance Plan for active, retired and civilian members protects you, your spouse and dependents.

Tips for Snowbirds: How to Winterize Your Home While It’s Unoccupied

EGM E-News – October 2016>>

If you’re planning to head south for the winter, there are several key things you can do to protect your home while you’re away.

Bundle and Save: Insure Your ATV Along With Your Home and Auto

EGM E-News – September 2016>>

If you endanger other people you may be hit with demerit points, fines, jail or license suspension. And your insurance coverage is also at risk.

Deaths Caused by Distracted Drivers Have Doubled Since 2000!

EGM E-News – August 2016>>

If you endanger other people you may be hit with demerit points, fines, jail or license suspension. And your insurance coverage is also at risk.

Ontario’s New Auto Insurance Rates are Aimed at Fighting Fraud and Stabilizing Fees

EGM E-News – July 2016>>

You now have more options for managing your coverage while protecting your lifestyle.

Summer is Short — Safeguard Your Boat to Max Out Your Time on the Water

EGM E-News – June 2016>>

Our boat packages combine superior coverage, significant discounts and access to local marine service providers.

Your Vacant Home or Property Is Vulnerable — Make Sure It’s Protected

EGM E-News – May 2016>>

Learn what constitutes a VACANT property and to ensure that the appropriate coverage remains in force.

Rising Waters and Spring Run-Off Make Water the #1 Threat to Homes

EGM E-News – April 2016>>

Burst pipes, leaky appliances, sewer back-up and flooded basements often lead homeowners to dig into the details fo their property insurance policy.

6 Good Reasons to Choose an EGM Insurance Broker

EGM E-News – March 2016>>

Our brokers are all highly trained professionals who shop insurance providers to find the policy that best suits your needs.

9 Things You Need to Know Before Buying, Renewing or Claiming Insurance

EGM E-News – February 2016>>

Take the pain out of managing your home, auto, life and business insurance.

Earn Back Your UOV Chamber Fees in Auto & Home Insurance Savings

EGM E-News – January 2016>>

The annual UOV Chamber small business membership fee is $125. With CPIP coverage you can save two to four times that amount in insurance premiums each year!

5 Steps To Get Holiday Guests Home Safely

EGM E-News – December 2015>>

Keep over-indulgers from getting behind the wheel, otherwise you could be responsible if anyone should get hurt or if property gets damaged!

Protecting Our Military Personnel

EGM E-News – November 2015>>

Our exclusive Military Group Insurance Plans help protect active, retired and civilian members of the Canadian Forces across Ontario. Bundle and save!

Protect Yourself at Home and Away

EGM E-News – October 2015>>

Protect yourself and your loved ones while vacationing outside Ontario. Ask Team EGM about coverage for trip cancellation/interruption, and on your home and valuables while you’re away.

Most Fires Happen Whie We Are Sleeping

EGM E-News – September 2015>>

To keep your family safe from fire and CO poisoning, install a combined smoke and CO detector where the alarm will wake everyone and give you ample time to make your escape usually about 1 to 2 minutes!

Shop Smart for Back-to-School Savings

EGM E-News – August 2015>>

For most parents, supporting a child while they are away at school is a major expense. Ask Team EGM to help you reduce costs by leveraging your household policies.

Distracted Driving Claims Lives

EGM E-News – July 2015>>

In Ontario, one person dies every five days due to distracted driving. Drivers who read or write text messages while operating a vehicle are 23 times more likely than non-distracted drivers to be in a crash.

Wise Farmers Protect Their Investment

EGM E-News – June 2015>>

A wise farmer makes sure his cattle herd is insured at current market value. The price of beef on the retail shelf has more than tripled in recent years as market prices reach an all-time high. Is your cattle herd fully covered?

Live Healthy & Safe to Save on Insurance

EGM E-News – May 2015>>

How much you pay for life insurance is based on your overall health and lifestyle. When you ask for coverage, several key health and lifestyle indicators are taken into consideration. The better you rate, the less life insurance will cost.

Natural Disasters

EGM E-News – April 2015>>

When natural disasters strike, we’re right here looking out for you. If you’re a resident of the Ottawa Valley, you most likely have first-hand experience with severe weather and other challenging conditions threatening your home, business and vehicles.

Take Inventory of Your Possessions

EGM E-News – March 2015>>

When it comes to managing an insurance claim, having a record of the contents of your home and/or business will help you keep track of what needs replacing due to damage or loss.

Protect Your Property

EGM E-News – February 2015>>

The insurance adjusters and real estate agents we work with stress the importance of good property maintenance to ensure home safety and the protection of one’s assets.

It Pays to Be a Member

EGM E-News – January 2015>>

If you’re a member of the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber we can help you recover your membership fee and more in savings on group insurance and employee benefit plans.

Don’t Die Dumb

EGM E-News – December 2014>>

What’s the dumbest way to day? Without life insurance! Get smart – ask Paul Kramer how your family will be protected when you die.

Group Insurance Specialists

EGM E-News – November 2014>>

EGM offers exclusive coverage and benefit plans for members of the Canadian Forces, United Steelworkers and Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy the benefits of a group plan!

Beware: When You Lend Your Vehicle, You Lend Your Insurance!

EGM E-News – October 2014>>

While it’s always nice to do a friend a favour, be sure you consider the risks before lending them your vehicle. Remember, if they are involved in an accident while driving your car where someone gets hurt or killed, or vehicles damaged, it’s you and your policy that will be covering the costs. And your auto premiums may increase for years to come!

Modern Homes Burn Faster

EGM E-News – September 2014>>

Smart planning goes a long way towards reducing harm to people and property. You’ll sleep better knowing your family, first responders and property are well protected.

Vacant Property Alert

EGM E-News – August 2014>>

If you leave your home unoccupied with no intent to return for 30 days or more, it’s defined as vacant and most likely no longer covered by your property insurance.

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

EGM E-News – July 2014>>

Identity theft happens when a thief uses someone’s personal info to fraudulently obtain credit cards or loans, open a bank account, or otherwise gain access to money or goods in the victim’s name. Ask your EGM Insurance broker for coverage that provides 24/7 protection from personal identity theft and fraud.

Protecting the Family Farm

EGM E-News – June 2014>>

If the family farm is your life’s work, make sure it’s properly protected. Whether you run a hobby farm, a small family operation, or a large-scale agri-business, we’ll customize coverage to fit your unique insurance needs.

Move More to Save on Insurance

EGM E-News – May 2014>>

Many of our clients enjoy significant savings on their life insurance, just for being healthy! How much you pay for insurance, is based on your health and your lifestyle. When you ask for coverage, we look at key health and lifestyle factors to give you an opportunity to enjoy lower rates.

Protection from Natural Disasters

EGM E-News – April 2014>>

The first step is to plan ahead and ensure your property is adequately covered. Then, once the disaster is brought under control, the most important thing is knowing where to turn for help to get your life back to normal.

Always Practice Safe Sledding

EGM E-News – February 2014>>

Before heading out on the trails, be sure to plan your ride and protect yourself, your livelihood and your sled. And always ride sober, because every choice has a consequence!

Taking the Pain Out of Paying for Insurance

EGM E-News – January 2014>>

Most of us like to get the best deal we can, especially at this time of year. Check out these simple tips to help lower your home and auto insurance premiums.

Host Liability

EGM E-News – December 2013>>

EGM can provide insurance advice and special coverage to help protect you from Host Liquor Liability.

The Benefits of Group Insurance Plans

EGM E-News – November 2013>>

EGM offers exclusive coverage and benefit plans for members of the Canadian Forces and United Steelworkers. We also customize group plans so business owners can offer employee incentives and retirement strategies.

Insurance For Your Business

EGM E-News – October 2013>>

EGM Insurance was established in 1942, as a small family owned business. Today, more than ever, we understand the importance of providing professional advice and bundled policies to ensure the financial security of entrepreneurs throughout Renfrew County.

Developing A Good Fire Safety Plan

EGM E-News – September 2013>>

While one never wishes for disaster to strike, planning ahead can go a long way towards reducing harm and damage to people and property. Take the time to develop a fire safety plan for home and business, and put it into practice.

Take a Lesson in Insurance Savings for Students

EGM E-News – August 2013>>

For high-school, college and university students, getting back to school usually means big expenses. That’s why it’s important to learn how you can reduce costs, while protecting the students covered by your household policies.

Travel Insurance That’s Up to Par

EGM E-News – July 2013>>

When travelling within Canada or abroad, even a minor accident or illness can cause considerable expense and inconvenience. So, if your vacation plans include destinations outside Ontario, let EGM provide the coverage that’s right for you.

Summer Fun – Play It Safe!

EGM E-News – June 2013>>

If you own a boat or ATV, liability insurance is essential as it protects both the people onboard, and the vessel or vehicle itself. Because as we all know, as soon as we get a new toy, someone else wants to play with it.

Move More – Invest in Your Life

EGM E-News – May 2013>>

Learn more about the benefits of staying more active longer, and the risks to your health and life is you choose not to. Choose the insurance coverage that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Protecting Your Seasonal Home

EGM E-News – April 2013>>

Do you have the right coverage for the replacement value of your cottage? Handy tips on how to properly insure and protect your property. Advice on how to keep the cottage in the family.

Military Group Insurance Plan

EGM E-News – March 2013>>

Bundle all your insurance needs with EGM Insurance for 24/7 service and savings exclusive to our military troops and their families.

Home Renovation Protection

EGM E-News – February 2013>>

Did you know that once a contractor starts work on your home, your property becomes a construction site, and you should be insured accordingly?

Choose an EGM Insurance Broker

EGM E-News – January 2013>>

Compare the services of an independent insurance broker versus an insurance agent.

Serve Up an Ounce of Prevention This Holiday Season

EGM E-News – December 2012 >>

Learn how you can protect your home and business from Host Liquor Liability.

Take Inventory for Your Peace of Mind

EGM E-News – November 2012 >>

Learn about online tools and tips to help make it easier for taking inventory of the contents for your home and business.