Financial Planning Experts

Working with a trusted financial planning expert can ensure that you’re better prepared for the future. You’ll be able to navigate any upcoming challenges with comfort as you have a significant foundation. Our team at EGM Insurance is committed to the financial planning process, and we work with clients from across the region, advising them on financial strategies to make the most of their capital and build a nest-egg to support their family over the long-term.

Why choose EGM Insurance?

EGM Insurance has become a leading financial planning company, working for individuals and small business owners within the insurance marketplace. We work with clients to help them make prudent choices based on the latest market data. Here’s why so many people choose our services:


Our team has decades of experience at the forefront of the Canadian insurance marketplace.


We’re committed to helping each client make the right choice for their insurance needs. Our customer service team is available around the clock to offer clear guidance.

Range of Services

Our expertise covers a number of market areas. This means that our clients never miss an opportunity and ensures that they have immediate access to the latest data, thanks to our broad knowledge range.

Our products include:

Segregated funds

We can help you to analyze the various segregated funds on the market and guide you in making the right choice for your financial future. Segregated funds offer protection for your assets regardless of changes to the economy.

Personal and Business Savings Accounts

We work with you to help you find savings accounts to help build your wealth over the long-term. Our understanding of the financial services marketplace means we can ensure a greater return for your long-term investment than other certified financial planning firms.


The various retirement and insurance products on the marketplace can help you save for the future while mitigating your expenditure today. Our team is available around the clock to help you make prudent decisions about your finances.

Group Plans

With group plans, we can help companies make the most of their combined assets as they navigate the marketplace. We ensure businesses reduce their capital costs and maximize their returns.

Small Business Employee Benefits

We work with small business owners to help them safeguard their employees and build their business effectively. We’ll help you understand all available benefits plans and ensure you make effective decisions based on the latest actionable data.

Our trusted and experienced team at EGM Insurance is committed to helping clients plan for the future and safeguard their assets today. We understand the marketplace and the latest changes taking place within the financial services field, and ensure our clients build their wealth strategically, based on their own personal objectives. Our team is available around the clock to offer their guidance and experience. Call today or book a quote online.