Disability Insurance Broker

As a trusted disability insurance broker, EGM Insurance has a reputation for delivering comprehensive insurance packages that safeguard you in the event you or a family member suffers a disability. Our insurance packages help ensure you have the income to protect your family should a working family member not be able to attend to their working duties as a result of a disability.

In the event that you or a family member becomes disabled in the future, our services will help to:

Preserve Retirement Savings

Savings and pension payments will still be made according to your scheduled contribution levels, should you purchase disability insurance from an agent at EGM Insurance. This means you won’t have to worry about the long-term future of your family.

Pay for Day-to-Day Expenses

Our insurance can help ensure that all day-to-day expenses are paid. This means that groceries and childcare costs can be met through our payment plans. We’ll ensure that your day-to-day life is as comfortable financially as possible and help to mitigate the stress of having to care for your family while managing your health challenges.

Make Mortgage and Auto Payments

With our disability insurance, you can ensure that all mortgage payments are paid according to their regular schedule. You won’t have to continually change your home budget to manage your mortgage costs. Our disability insurance also works to help you manage your auto payments, protecting you against debt collectors and helping you mitigate the impact of debt on your future credit levels.

Why Choose EGM Insurance?

The key to the longevity and success of EGM Insurance has always been the positive culture of the company. Here’s why so many people are choosing disability insurance brokers at EGM Insurance for their coverage needs:


We have decades of experience within the insurance industry. Thanks to this experience, we can help you to navigate the marketplace and explain the changes taking place within the disability insurance field.

Customized Plans

Our disability insurance plans are built specifically for you and your family. You won’t be given an off-the-shelf insurance product, but a tailored plan that supports your unique requirements. We serve each client individually and ensure you receive your full level of required coverage and a clear return for your investment.

Affordable Options

Our service is designed to ensure the highest level of coverage at the lowest cost. We work with Canadian families to help mitigate their insurance costs as they plan for future unknowns. We offer a number of affordable plan options that secure your family and keep your home budget balanced to mitigate financial challenges.

Few companies have the combination of experience, understanding, and commitment to client service provided by EGM Insurance. To discover more about our company and our full range of services, please call us today for a consultation or book a quote online.