Health And Dental Insurance Services

The health and dental insurance services offered by the team at EGM Insurance are designed to help families consolidate their medical costs. We’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years to ensure they have the full coverage they require for their family, and to safeguard their well-being over the long-term. With several decades of experience at the forefront of the insurance marketplace, EGM Insurance is the trusted insurance broker for all dental and health coverage requirements.

Here’s why clients choose EGM Insurance:


We work with the leading insurance companies and offer the latest health and dental insurance products on the marketplace today. This means clients have the necessary choices to ensure full coverage for their families. We’re continually updating our product options in response to evolving health and dental requirements.

Tailored Products

Our product options are tailored to the individual insurance buyer. This means that clients don’t have to accept a product that is unsuited to their full range of coverage requirements. In our work with insurance companies, we secure flexible options that give our clients the most value for their insurance investments.


Each of the experts on the EGM Insurance team has decades of experience in the insurance marketplace. Through this experience, we’re able to guide our clients in making effective decisions about the wide array of insurance products available. We’re also able to help mitigate the cost of health and dental insurance products for the individual, to reduce some of the burden while maximizing the value of coverage.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Coverage

Your health insurance quotes are partly related to your health and your day-to-day lifestyle. To help reduce the cost of your coverage this year, you might consider the following:

Reduce Tobacco Use

Regular tobacco use can significantly raise the price you’ll pay for your insurance. By reducing your tobacco use, you can lessen your risk of developing certain types of cancer and begin to save hundreds per year on your medical insurance.

Increase Exercise

We now know that a sedentary lifestyle can be a leading contributor to a number of health issues. By increasing the amount that you exercise each day, you can improve your health and reduce your insurance rates considerably.

Use Active Transportation

Active transportation such as bicycles can help you improve your health and save on your health insurance costs. Here at EGM Insurance, your health insurance agent will work with you to both insure your active transportation and reduce your insurance costs for a proactive approach to improving health in the coming years.

Our trained and qualified insurance experts are here to guide you on your full range of medical and dental health insurance options. To learn more about the options available to you and your family, call us today or book an online quote.