Group Home & Auto Insurance

At EGM Insurance, we recognize the challenges individuals face in reducing the cost of their home and auto insurance products. It’s why we offer group home and auto insurance services designed to help reduce the cost of the insurance service and give individuals the weight of a larger group behind them when they seek out coverage options. Groups across Ontario now choose EGM Insurance because we offer direct access to the highest levels of auto and home insurance products at affordable pricing. Our experience means we can guide the group policy selection process to help ensure the best available choice is made for all group members.

Comprehensive Home and Auto Insurance Services

Our home and auto insurance services are designed to provide organizations and their members with the ideal solution to their home and vehicle protection requirements. We work with the leading insurance providers to deliver products that offer the very highest coverage levels and protect property and vehicle owners from theft, damage and more.

The benefits of our insurance services include:

Fast Access to Qualified Brokers

When groups choose EGM Insurance for their home and auto insurance requirements, they have fast access to qualified professionals with years of experience in the industry. Our team can help to answer any questions you might have regarding your group home and auto insurance policies. They can also work with you during the claims process to ensure you achieve full value for your policy investment.

Complete Range of Options

For group insurance plans we offer a full range of options designed to support full coverage for all members and their families. For example, our Comprehensive Form home insurance plan allows for complete coverage of all home structures and covers virtually all private property. Our trusted team is ready to guide you on the available options and their benefits, and help you choose a group plan that suits your unique requirements.

Easy to Understand Products

We make every effort to ensure the products and policies we offer are easy-to-understand. This means that when you select your group home or auto insurance policy, you’ll be able to make an effective decision based on the available information. We also work to communicate to our clients the latest changes within the Canadian insurance marketplace, so that you can track your options and optimize your plan choices based on the newest information.

These are just a few of the many advantages we provide to groups through our home and auto insurance options. A leading benefit of turning to EGM Insurance is that our staff is available 24/7 to respond to all questions and to help you move forward within the claims process. This means you’re just a phone call away from an experienced professional who can help you make the right choice about your group insurance needs.

How to Support Your Home and Auto Insurance Policy

Once you’ve chosen your group home and auto insurance policy, it’s important that you maintain communication with your insurance firm and take the required steps to ensure that any claims you file have the highest possible chances of being approved by your firm. Here at EGM Insurance, we work with our clients to help them take the right steps in safeguarding their property and getting full value for their money from their group home and auto insurance.

The steps to support your coverage include:

Take Before and After Photos

Your insurance company will be reviewing any damage carefully to determine its root cause and to analyze damage levels against the coverage afforded within your insurance policy. Make sure that you regularly take pictures throughout your home and of your vehicle to ensure insurance experts can see them in their peak condition and compare the before photos and after photos.

Complete a Full Inventory

For your home insurance policy, it’s important that you complete a full inventory of all elements inside the property. Keep a document, preferably on a digital device, that lists all the items within your home and their potential value. Make sure that you update the inventory when you purchase a new item for your home. For example, all high value furniture and jewellery should be included within this inventory. This will give you and your insurance firm a quick reference point during the claims review process should fire or water damage occur within the home.

Update Vehicle Insurance for New Drivers

When you add a new driver to your insurance plan, make sure you go over all elements of that plan with an insurance specialist. For example, you might be adding your teenage child to your plan to ensure they have full coverage on the road. Use the opportunity to go over the specifics of your group insurance plan and look to see if there are any discounts that might have been introduced to the marketplace since you last changed your policy. This process ensures that new drivers have the maximum level of coverage while helping you to mitigate the cost of your group auto insurance policy.

Contact Your Insurance Firm at the Earliest Opportunity

To have the best chance of succeeding with your insurance claim, it’s important that any events are reported at the earliest possible opportunity. Make sure that you contact your insurance provider directly after the event so they can initiate the claims process while the clearest evidence of the event remains. For example, if a theft occurs, make sure you contact the police and insurance provider in a short timeframe so that your provider has direct access to the available police reports and any further documentation.

Our team at EGM Insurance is here to help you choose group insurance policies that save you money while extending coverage levels. To discover more about our group plans and rates, contact us directly!