Chamber Personal Insurance Plan

By turning to qualified insurance firms, Canadians can consolidate their coverage expenditure and improve their coverage levels over time. It’s part of the reason thousands now entrust the brokers at EGM Insurance with their distinct coverage requirements. Our team at EGM Insurance is now working with the Chamber of Commerce to offer our Chamber Personal Insurance Plan (CPIP). It’s just one of the many available service options now presented through EGM Insurance.

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The CPIP includes the following:

Savings for Employees and Family Members

Those with small, home-based businesses as well as chamber membership can save hundreds of dollars for their employees and their family members. This can help small businesses thrive and grow, and safeguard employees for the years to come.

Significant Group Discounts

The CPIP product provides a significant discount for the chamber member on their full range of insurance needs. Whether you’re shopping for auto insurance, home insurance or extended medical insurance, you can now turn to the team at EGM Insurance for a product that will save you a significant amount over the long-term. Our policies are highly flexible and can be customized according to your unique coverage requirements.

Simple to Understand

Communication is an important element of the EGM service. We work with chamber members to ensure they have access to easy-to-understand information about their policy. Our team has significant experience within the marketplace and can answer any questions that clients might have regarding their policies, and any changes that take place within the industry. This helps keep our clients informed and reduces the complexity of the claims process.

24/7 Access

If you’re a small business owner, you often can’t wait to address your insurance challenges. Each moment your coverage is not at its maximum level, your business is exposed, and you may be personally liable. It’s why we offer comprehensive, 24/7 services at EGM Insurance. Our team works with clients to answer their questions and make sure they have a clear understanding of their policy and their coverage levels. We help you through the filing process at all times of the day to keep your business protected as you move forward.

Online Quotes and Forms

We know that it’s important for you to review our prices before you commit to a policy with us, so we make all our pricing information as visible as possible. We offer a full range of online forms so you can learn more about our services. Our online quote service gives you information on our coverage levels, services, and plan pricing so that you have the actionable data you need to make the right coverage choice for your business.

At EGM Insurance, we’re working with local businesses to help them save money on their coverage for their team and their company. We know the challenges business owners face in a fluctuating local and national economy and we’re here throughout the day to answer any questions you might have regarding your policy and your coverage. To learn more about your CPIP coverage, call us today or fill out our online form.