Military Insurance

Here at EGM Insurance, we offer comprehensive insurance plans designed to help all clients achieve the comfort and protection they need for the long-term. Our work in the community extends to helping military service members. We offer discounted policies to those who serve or have served in the Canadian military, as well as their spouses and dependents. Our military insurance plans are designed to give back to those who serve our country and to ensure that Canadian military members and their families are protected over the long-term.

Benefits of our military insurance group plans include:

Group Rates for Affordable Plans

Because we offer group rates for military members, we can help discount the price of insurance. This means that military members and their families receive their insurance at a significantly reduced cost. Our team works with active and retired military members to ensure they achieve the full coverage they require over the coming years. We’re available around the clock to answer questions and offer expert guidance.

Access to an EGM Licensed Insurance Broker for Expert Advice 24/7

When you choose EGM Insurance for your military group plans, you’ll have direct access to a licensed insurance broker around the clock. This ensures that any questions you have can be directly answered by a professional backed by a team with decades of experience in the insurance marketplace. Our insurance company team works with military members to give them direct advice based on their unique family, health and workplace coverage needs.

Online Insurance Information and Quote Forms

We offer direct access to online insurance information and quote forms. Military members and their families can thereby file an insurance claim at any time by using our online resources. For those who have questions about our forms or any of the information available on our website, our team can provide the answers. We’ll keep you informed of any changes and provide point-by-point guidance during the claims filing process.

Flexible Coverage Options

Our expertise within the insurance marketplace means we can offer flexible insurance options designed to accommodate the unique coverage needs of our clients. Whether you require coverage for your home, vehicle or business, we can work with you to offer significantly discounted coverage that helps you consolidate your expenditures while maintaining full and long-term coverage.

Plan Travels With You

For active military members, a further advantage of EGM Insurance services is that if you get posted to another Canadian Forces base across Ontario, the plan travels with you. This means you don’t have to alter your policy or coverage levels after being moved. You can simply maintain the same high level of coverage at the same low cost rate.

Our team at EGM Insurance is committed to serving military members and their families by providing comprehensive coverage. To discover more about the great options available to you, contact our team today, or complete our online form.