Insurance Products

At EGM Insurance Brokers, the variety and quality of our insurance products truly do make us a one stop shop. We offer everything from property, vehicle, commercial, travel and life insurance, to military, farm, recreational vehicle, bonding, health and dental, critical illness and disability insurance. Our insurance experts are highly trained, and have decades of combined experience. They know how insurance products work, how to shop around for them and how to get you the best value for your money. When you come to EGM, you know that you are going to get an insurance quote from an experienced agent who knows their business inside and out.

When it comes to commercial insurance, one of the many things we specialize in is integrating commercial policies with strategic business plans, making sure that we allow our customers to do this while staying on budget. Whether you need commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, commercial umbrella liability policies, commercial auto insurance, bonding, or employee benefits, we have an insurance expert that can help.

Many of our customers also come to us for their travel insurance needs. When our clients travel outside of Canada (or even within Canada), even a minor accident or illness can incur tremendous financial costs. We provide business travel insurance, insurance for people travelling or retiring abroad, and even insurance for people entering Canada.

Another one of our most popular insurance products is our life insurance. Canadian society is aging, so it is important that people have access to high quality insurance products that help them ensure their affairs are in order, so they can enjoy the remainder of their lives in peace. We offer permanent, term life, critical illness, disability, long-term care and combination life insurance packages. We understand that these conversations are sensitive, and require empathy and compassion. That is the defining touch that our clients have come to expect from us, and why our services are so lauded in the industry.

We are proud to offer a high level of specialization when it comes to disability insurance. Physical injury, harm or general stress can strike when you least expect it, and the emotional pain of not being prepared adds insult to injury. Many people don’t realize just how beneficial a disability insurance policy is. Disability insurance allows you to make mortgage and car payments, take care of living expenses, and avoid having to dip into your retirement savings, should you suddenly need money for medical and rehabilitation bills.

For a full list of all of our services, and a comprehensive breakdown of the types of insurance available, we invite you to visit our insurance policy site to see the full extent of EGM Insurance’s services. Whatever your insurance needs, you can rest assured you are getting a qualified, licensed, and compassionate insurance agent every time you do business with us.

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