Automobile Insurance Broker

The new laws that have been introduced by the provincial government over last several years, which give consumers more choice when it comes to selecting auto insurance, have been beneficial for drivers in Ontario. Drivers can now choose the insurance that works best for their lifestyles and their budget.

This new legislation, while positive for our customers, is sometimes difficult to understand. You need an auto insurance broker that knows how to work within the new laws, and how best to structure an insurance policy. That is exactly the type of auto insurance agent you are going to find at EGM Insurance Brokers.

In order to understand what policy options make most sense for you, your EGM broker will first learn how and why you drive your automobile. Is it for work, pleasure, or a mix of both? Does your driving put you at risk for certain types of injuries? Do you regularly transport anything in your vehicle, and do any particular insurance needs arise from this?

We provide all of our customers with free automobile insurance quotes so that you know what you are getting and for how much before you even speak to one of our agents. Simply fill out the form with the requisite information and you will find out how much you can expect to pay for your auto insurance.

We know exactly what questions need to be asked in order to get you the best policy options possible. For instance, every type of business and industry has unique insurance needs, and restrictions that many business owners are completely unaware of.

Our auto insurance experts will be able to provide you with important information if you have children living away from home who may be eligible for auto insurance coverage under your policy, and be able to counsel you on things like policy implications when allowing friends and family who are not covered under your policy drive your vehicle.

If you are a vehicle owner, auto insurance is something that you simply can’t live without. You need to be insured in order to drive on Canadian roads, and you need special types of insurance policies depending on what you are driving, and your reasons for driving. Don’t let hard to understand insurance policies make your life difficult, or cause you to spend more money on your auto insurance policy than is necessary.

Speak to one of our qualified, experienced, auto insurance specialists today and let us help you design an insurance plan that meets all of your personal and business driving needs, gets you the best quotes possible, and gets you safely and legally on the road, knowing that you, your family and your business are fully protected at all times.