Commercial Insurance Products

The term “commercial insurance” encompasses a wide range of insurance needs, and is best broken up into several different subtypes, each covering different industries and applications. At EGM Insurance, we have several front line insurance brokers who have undergone special training so that they can meet all of our business clients’ commercial insurance needs. No matter what size business you operate, we have specialists that can assist you with all of your commercial insurance requirements. We specialize in optimizing commercial insurance coverage while sticking to budget, and have a vast network of relationships with insurance providers, giv us access to some of the best, most affordable policy options on the market.

Generally, commercial insurance can be broken down into the following categories:

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you run your business directly from your home, from leased office space or in a building that you own, it does not make financial sense to do business without commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance covers a wide range of things, including real property, your office fixtures and furniture, any computers and electronics you have on the premises, supplies and inventory. It is also useful because it provides insurance coverage for your personal property, or property owned by your clients, that you have stored on your commercial premises.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is another essential for business owners, especially those business owners that operate heavy equipment, or have employees that conduct off-site work on a regular basis. General liability insurance is designed to protect you from lawsuits that involve bodily harm or injury to employees or others while they are on-site, or any damages, or injuries caused by employees while they are working off-site. If you operate a small business out of your home, you need general liability insurance all the same, because most home insurance policies are not set up to cover general liability. Anytime someone, such as a client, a vendor, or a delivery person visits your home on official business, you are liable for damages and exposed to potentially ruinous lawsuits.

Commercial Umbrella Liability

Having an umbrella liability policy is like having an insurance policy for your insurance policy, covering you in the event that your other policies’ basic coverage leaves you exposed. Many of our clients operate in an industry, or run a business, where it is not possible to predict every scenario or interaction where liability and potential damages might become issues. In these cases, umbrella liability insurance provides valued peace of mind.

Employee Benefits Policies

We are one of the Ottawa Valley region’s premier commercial insurance agencies when it comes to employee benefits policies. Providing your hard-working, dedicated employees with benefits is something that any good business owner knows pays off in the long-run. It is becoming harder and harder to find employment that offers good benefits packages in this day and age, so any employer that shows they care by doing so, ends up getting the employees available on the labour market. EGM is able to create comprehensive group benefits plans based on the needs of your employees, regardless of whether you are a large business with locations across the province or country, or a small, family operation with one brick and mortar location that has been in the family for generations.

Many people think that it is possible to run a business in the 21st century without any kind of commercial insurance policy protecting them, their employees, their property and the people they do business with. While you might be the most careful person in the world, and think you’ve instilled that same carefulness in your employees, accidents are accidents because they are unpredictable and cannot be planned for. Below are some of the primary reasons you should consider a commercial insurance policy from EGM Insurance Brokers:

It’s the Law

Aside from just being prudent business practice, many types of insurance policies, depending on the industry, are mandatory. You don’t want to have an inspector come in, only to find that you are lacking mandatory insurance. This could result in massive fines, or even the temporary suspension of licenses, and the shutting down of your business.

Getting Sued

Getting sued does not just incur a cost if you lose a lawsuit and end up paying out a large settlement. It also involves a considerable amount of your time, legal expenses, and could even damage the reputation of your company. Accidents happen, and most people understand this, but many will not be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you aren’t properly insured. Not having commercial insurance reflects poorly on your credibility.

Hedge Against Natural Disaster

It doesn’t matter where you live, chances are there is a natural occurrence or even disaster common to your area that could shut you down overnight. Whether it’s forest fire, flood, hurricane, wind storm or ice storm, you need to protect yourself against mother nature. Things like business owners insurance can ensure that any damages and losses you suffer if natural disaster strikes are covered, and even reimburse you for any income that you lose out on due to a natural disaster.

Call EGM Insurance today to speak to one of our expert brokers and to get a free insurance quote. We have decades of experience helping our clients secure comprehensive, affordable commercial insurance policies that keep them in business, profitable, and able to respond to the unexpected.