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Farm Insurance

This is one area of insurance expertise where we really feel a strong local connection. The Ottawa Valley area was built around, and in many respects, still thrives because of its farming and agricultural industries. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a considerable amount of investment in order to run a successful farm, which is why protecting that investment, and yourself while you are working, is so important. Our farm insurance brokers are able to provide you with everything from basic building coverage to coverage for potential environmental and climatic damage and any injuries you may sustain during your day-to-day life on the farm.

Whether it’s a small hobby farm or a large, sophisticated commercial operation, we can provide you with a farm insurance quote that takes into consideration your unique circumstances, concerns and requirements.

Farming is much more complicated than many city slickers probably understand. The amount of time and money, not to mention the blood, sweat and tears, that goes into operating a successful, profitable farm is incredible. The stress can often be quite high, and as most good, experienced farmers will attest to, having a comprehensive insurance plan in place to protect you and your livelihood really helps you to sleep at night.

Depending on the size and complexity of your farm, you may need insurance for a wide variety of potentially costly problems, such as damage to your residence and outbuildings, replacement costs, backed up sewers, broken or damaged farm machinery and equipment, power loss, unstable income, contaminated milk and other produce, the cost of having the fire department come out, and any other unforeseen injuries and accidents that can and do occur on a farm.

We have partnered with Western General, one of the country’s most well respected farm insurance providers, to provide policies that are tailored to the local agri-business sectors and provide premier coverage for Ontario’s farmers. These include our premier dairy coverage(for dairy farmers), and premier poultry coverage (for poultry farmers) that are each designed to take into account the specific complications that come along with each line of work.

We are a respected farm insurance broker with intimate knowledge of industry best practices and standards, as well as vital information such as which equipment is most reliable and easiest to insure, and we will do everything we can to make farming that much more successful and less stressful for you. Every day that you have to spend repairing, or unable to operate, can amount to a considerable amount of money lost, so having insurance policies in place to mitigate that damage and that lost income makes so much sense.

We have been serving the farmers of the Ottawa Valley for decades, and plan on serving them for decades more. If you have any questions about your farm’s current insurance policies, or are just getting into farming and agriculture for the first time, call and speak to one of our farm insurance specialists and let us put you on the path to full protection and absolute peace of mind.