Life Insurance Brokers

When purchasing life insurance, it’s important to work with a life insurance broker that has decades of experience in guiding individuals to make effective choices based on the latest data within the insurance marketplace. You can’t predict every challenge that lies ahead, but by working with the experts at EGM Insurance, you can protect your loved ones over the long-term. Our team has a wealth of experience guiding clients, from homeowners to business owners, towards the right life insurance products, and we can ensure you make the ideal choice for your loved ones.

Why choose EGM Insurance?

Our team of life insurance experts at EGM insurance can help you to navigate the marketplace and select products that offer you and your family protection over the long-term. Below are just a few of the reasons to select our services:

Unmatched Experience

Our experienced team can help you better understand the insurance marketplace and prepare you for the future. As a trusted life insurance broker, we’ve worked with thousands of clients in the past, providing clear solutions to their unique requirements, and we can offer you the same effective, experienced-based guidance.

Product Range

Choosing EGM Insurance means you’ll have access to a comprehensive life insurance product selection, ensuring that any personal challenges can be matched to the ideal insurance product. We also work with clients to consolidate their insurance expenditures.

Customized Products

Each of the products offered through your EGM life insurance broker can be customized for you and your unique life insurance needs. We tailor our selection to the challenges you face in safeguarding your assets and supporting your family in the future.

Our life insurance product suite includes:


Our permanent life insurance products assure lasting protection for you and your family. The policy doesn’t expire and is designed to safeguard all assets.

Term Insurance

Term life insurance provides you with control over your unique life insurance requirements. Short-term life insurance options are available to safeguard those in unique circumstances.


Our disability insurance products help support you and your family in the event an income-earner becomes incapacitated through disability. This product helps provide continual income for families.

Critical Illness

Critical illness can arise without notice and at any time. Our products help protect your family in the event that income-earners become ill or must take time away from their work to care for their loved ones.

Long-Term Care

Our insurance services include long-term care products that cover families for the cost of any long-term care not paid for by OHIP or their health insurance plan.

Combination Policies

We can also build combination policies that support your family in numerous ways for the long-term. Whether you require combination disability and term life insurance or a policy covering your business assets and your family, we can work with you to ensure maximum coverage.

Our team at EGM Insurance is available now to guide you in managing your life insurance requirements. Call today to speak with a qualified insurance specialist.