Property Insurance Brokers

One of the most important insurance policies you will invest in during your lifetime is property insurance for your home. Many people go years without taking a look at the terms and conditions of their home’s insurance policy, and when they finally do, they are shocked to find that they are underinsured. At EGM Insurance Brokers, our team includes property insurance brokers who will help you scour the market for policies that let you keep your current premium (or very close to it) while making sure you are fully covered.

There are three different types of home insurance policies that we generally sell to our clients, each best suited to a specific set of insurance needs:

Standard Form

Standard form insurance is meant to protect your home against very specific risks including fire, lightning, windstorms, etc. It is standard form because most people require and want protection from these common natural disasters that can do immense damage to homes and lives.

Broad Form

A broad form policy provides “all-risk” coverage for your entire home, as well as any detached structures and personal property. These types of policies cover virtually everything that you could possibly want included in a package policy.

Comprehensive Form

A comprehensive form policy provides “all-risk” coverage on your home, detached structures, and all of your personal property. There is very little that a comprehensive form policy does not cover, consequently, they typically come with the highest insurance premiums.

When we give our clients property insurance quotes, many of them are unaware that there are certain home improvements that can affect the cost of a home insurance policy. If you have made any home additions or undertaken home renovation projects, if you enhanced your property with a new pool or recreation area, or if you have purchased a new boat or other recreational vehicle that it is being stored somewhere on the property, it is possible that your coverage, and your premium amount, must change to keep you fully insured.

Property insurance is often not intuitive, and there are a lot of things to think about. That is why our property insurance brokers always go out of their way to give our clients the most relevant, up-to-date information to fulfill their insurance requirements and save money. For instance, whenever you have a contractor working on your home, they need to be covered by commercial insurance liability, otherwise you will not be covered in the event that an accident happens. If you have vacated the premises while a renovation or construction project is underway, make sure that your insurance policy is still active and protecting your property.

Protecting your home (most likely your biggest, most important asset) means making sure that you have the right insurance policy in place for the job. Speaking with a property insurance agent that knows the industry and is well versed in all of the nuances of the various insurance products available makes a world of difference. Contact an expert property insurance agent at EGM Insurance Brokers today and make sure your house, and your property, is well looked after.