Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Anyone who has never experienced the complete freedom of a recreational vehicle just won’t understand what they are missing out on. Whether it be a boat, an atv, or a $100,000 RV that you just purchased, so that you and your spouse or family can travel across the country, a recreational vehicle brings a level of enjoyment and fun that the uninitiated simply won’t be able to relate to. A recreational vehicle, however, is also a tremendous responsibility. Not just from an upkeep perspective, but from an insurance perspective as well.

Recreational vehicle insurance can generally be broken down into a few major categories. If you own a boat, or an all-terrain vehicle, liability insurance is a necessity. It is designed to protect not just the driver(s) and the passengers on the vehicle, but the users of other recreational vehicles who might be sharing the road, water, or trail with you as well. It is a fact of life, and we know because we have insured people who it has happened to, that even the most responsible, cautious and capable boat or ATV owner can find themselves on the wrong end of a liability suit.

Another essential component of your recreational vehicle insurance is property insurance. This protects you from accidents and mistakes that might occur while the boat or ATV is being used by you, your friends, or your family. Any damage caused, whether it be major or minor damage, to someone else’s property because of an accident, is covered by a personal insurance policy on your recreational vehicle.

The last component of a comprehensive RV, boat, or ATV insurance policy is a damage policy that will cover any damages done to the vehicle. Whether you need to repair or replace something, a damage insurance policy will help ease some of the financial pain of having to repair or replace things on your recreational vehicle, especially if it is brand new.

When you come to EGM Insurance for your recreational vehicle insurance needs, you get a free quote based on a variety of factors, as well as advice and expertise from recreational vehicle insurance brokers who have years of experience helping people insure their recreational vehicles in the Ottawa Valley. People in the area love the outdoors and love their outdoor toys, and they know that when they come to EGM they can enjoy the outdoors with full confidence they are covered in the event of an accident.

Before you get your new recreational vehicle on the road or in the water, come and talk to one of our recreational vehicle specialists and make sure that you can rest easy while you are out enjoying the great outdoors. Contact us today and let us help make your recreational vehicle experience a special, safe and responsible one.