Seasonal Property Insurance

Seasonal Property Insurance

Anyone who has had the privilege of spending time or growing up in the beautiful province of Ontario knows that people really love their cottages and seasonal properties here. Some of the best memories that many Ontarians have is of summers, or even winters spent at the cottage and on the lake, with family coming together, and bonds and friendships taking shape that last a lifetime. Many people, anxious to recreate those experiences for their friends and families by purchasing a seasonal property of their own, come to EGM Insurance to help them insure their seasonal properties because we are a trusted name and have been doing so for decades.

If you have invested in a seasonal property, and don’t know much about seasonal property insurance, below are some things to consider. Whether it is short term property insurance, or long term insurance, keep the following in mind:

The property should be insured for its rebuild value.

This means that you don’t want an insurance policy that is going to do anything less than insure the property for the entire amount of what it would hypothetically cost you to rebuild in the event of a disaster like a hurricane or a fire.

Your coverage should reflect how much it would cost to replace all the contents of the property.

You want a policy that is going to cover absolutely everything of value in and on the property.

Be extra mindful around wood burning stoves.

If you have a wood burning stove, you need to be especially diligent when leaving the room, turning it on and off, and disposing of ashes that you think may be fully extinguished, but sometimes are not. Having a wood burning stove adds incredible warmth and ambience, but it comes with some special responsibilities.

Always keep your windows and doors secured.

Every time you leave your seasonal property, you want to make sure that all points of entry are secured. Break-ins happen (by both people and animals). There are stories of people leaving their cottage door slightly ajar, only to come back a month later to find that black bears, raccoons, mice and squirrels and wreaked an unimaginable amount of damage.

Always keep trees trimmed.

If you enjoy the beautiful greenery around your seasonal property, make sure to keep it well trimmed so that any seasonal storms don’t send a several-hundred-pound tree branch crashing through your window.

Rely on the kindness of neighbours.

If you are friends with your neighbours, whether they are permanent residents, or people who use their property seasonally, let them know that you will keep an eye on their place while they are away, and make sure they know to do the same for you. Vigilance is one of the best preventative measures.

Seasonal property insurance is a must, and our seasonal property experts can help you get the best available. Contact the seasonal property professionals at EGM Insurance and rest easy knowing that your seasonal property, and everything on it, is well protected.