Travelers Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling and life altering experiences that our clients undertake. We love seeing the excitement on peoples’ faces when they are planning and looking forward to the trip of a lifetime, or crossing something off their bucket list. We also know from experience that the unexpected can, and often does happen, while travelling, both in the positive and the negative sense. This is why travellers insurance is a must if you are planning on taking a trip for an extended period of time, especially if it is a place that is more dangerous and uncertain than Canada, or if you already have preexisting conditions or health complications.

Even minor accidents and scrape-ups abroad can turn into costly medical bills if you are not prepared for the worst. When it comes to travellers insurance and travel insurance companies, the motto is that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

EGM Insurance Brokers have been providing our clients with the best and most affordable travellers insurance options on the market for decades. We offer Manulife Travellers Insurance packages that can be tailored to any and all types of travel.

The range of benefits included in our travel insurance packages include:

  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance
  • baggage loss, damage and delay
  • flight accidents
  • travel accidents

The need for traveler’s insurance becomes even more necessary if you are travelling with young children or elderly family members.

If you are travelling out of country for business purposes, a good corporate insurance plan can be recommended by an EGM Insurance broker. If you are travelling with an RV or mobile home, we can make sure that it is included under and protected along with your current auto insurance plan, or home policy, or we provide stand alone coverage.

Many of our clients are people who are travelling within Canada from different countries. If you have family or friends that are going to be visiting you, and who are going to be doing a lot of moving around while in Canada, it is a good idea that you recommend they look into travel insurance for themselves. We can help them purchase pre-departure insurance, or speak to them in person or on the phone once they arrive in Canada.

Travel insurance also includes insurance options for single or multiple trips, depending on the frequency of your travel, and whether it is for business or personal reasons. We also advise many clients who are planning on travelling abroad for extended periods of time, or who are relocating once they have retired.

EGM Insurance has travel insurance agents who can provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive travel insurance quotes you will find anywhere on the market.

Contact EGM Insurance today and set up a meeting with a licensed, expert travel broker and ensure that you, your friends and your family are well protected wherever they are in the world.