Team EGM: Good People Working for You

First and foremost, we are in the service business. So our core values include respect for clients and fellow employees, accountability and ongoing professional development. We attract and keep good people which means that your broker will be with you for a long time. As you grow and your insurance needs change, we’ll grow with you – while anticipating your changing requirements.

Most importantly, we promote and encourage team support, which means that your file will never go unattended, renewal deadlines will always be met and questions will never go unanswered.

Management Team

Lisa Edmonds Chief Executive Officer
Cindy Gale CFO / Service Manager
Carissa McFarlane Executive Administrator
Dan Laverdure Sales & Operations Manager
Paul Kramer Certified Financial Planner

Commercial Lines

Adele Varner Commercial Account Manager
Jessica McDonald Commercial Account Manager
Amy Rae Commercial Account Manager
Sherry Venasse Commercial Account Administrator

Pembroke Personal Lines

Connie MacCosham Personal Account Manager
Andrea Burger Personal Account Manager & Farm Specialist
Erin Rielly Personal Account Manager
Angie Elliott Personal Account Manager
Brad Switzer Personal Account Manager
Pam Charbonneau Personal Account Administrator
Natasha Godin Personal Account Administrator
Kate Campbell Personal Account Administrator
Laura Hanek Digital Marketer
Amanda Porporo Receptionist

Petawawa Office

Susan Stewart Account Manager
Kara Park Personal Account Manager
Holly Frank Personal Account Manager
Carolyn Tripard Benson Personal Account Manager
Melissa Alamag Personal Account Manager
Wendy Woodrow Personal Account Administrator